The Waterside Hostel
The Village of Nulb

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The Waterside Hostel

While The Waterside Hostel does not house any officially marked quests, there are a few quest-like things that happen within. When you first enter, Dala the waitress at #2 will almost always attempt to pickpocket your party. When she runs up to you, the character she attempts to pickpocket will make a Spot check. If they successfully see her, you'll say "Stop!" and conversation will ensue with a possible culmination in a fight between you and everyone else (sans Alira). The only way to prevent this fight is to say "I'm sorry" or if your character happens to use Intimidate or Diplomacy. Don't worry though, you'll always have the chance to pick a fight after you're through via initiating combat... and coming in again will give you another chance through dialogue as well.

1) EXIT:
to Nulb #3

2) Dala, Serving Wench:
She'll attempt to pickpocket you nearly every time you enter the establishment. When you make a successful Spot check, you'll have the chance to apologize or start a fight. See above.

3) Pearl, Serving Wench:
If you flirt with Pearl with a male character, there's a chance she'll tell you that Alira at #4 has been having an affair with Wat. If you go talk to Alira about it, she'll confess. Now you can go back to Pearl and tell her about Wat or keep quiet.

4) Alira, Shnookie Expert:
Any attempt to talk to her will fail until you've spoken with Pearl about a possible affair Alira has been having with Wat, to which she'll confess. If you're looking for the Temple of Elemental Evil and haven't yet placed it on your map, use Sleight of Hand to pickpocket a Temple Map.

5) Rentsch of Earth:
Along with his locked chest at #7, use a character with Gather Information and Diplomacy to receive a temple quest from him. If you first ask him about the Battle of Emridy Meadows, then follow it up with the diplomatic: "I always thought the Temple fought valiantly." Your next line should be "I'd have loved to have fought next to them." He'll then point you to the ruined tower guard at Tower Ruin Entrance (#2) who you can then tell Rentsch sent you.

You can also pickpocket the key to the chest at #7 from him.

6) Wat of Fire:
Wat, the Hostel's barkeep, won't say much to you unless you've picked a character with high Bluff skill to talk to him. When you talk about the Moathouse, use Bluff to tell him that the St. Cuthbert people are always telling everyone what to do. Since you're then of like mind, he'll ask if you want to do something for him. Accept and he'll tell you about the ruined tower guard at Tower Ruin Entrance (#2) who you can then tell Wat sent you. If you've already had something similar happen with Rentsch, this will be another option for the guard... who will take you to different places depending on which you choose. See the links for details.

7) Rentsch's Locked Chest:
Here's a locked chest with a pile of coin inside. You can pickpocket the key from Rentsch at #5.