Carpenter's Dilemma
The Village of Hommlet

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The Carpenter's Dilemma quest relates to the next three quests, and is required before either of the next two are completed. With that out of the way, go see Mark the Carpenter's Assistant at his home at area #21. Pry into his personal life with your questioning and he'll relate that he'd like to marry Filliken's daughter, Althea, but that it's not possible since she's of a different faith. If you could convince Jaroo to do a conversion for Marek, his assistant and brother, then all will be set right.

Go to Jaroo's treehouse at area #18 and ask about the conversion. He'll offer to do the conversion if Terjon the Cleric of St. Cuthbert consents. Once back outside, use your World Map to "teleport" to north Hommlet and find Terjon on the second floor. If you haven't yet seen Terjon, you'll need to speak with Calmert on the ground level, and ask about the chief cleric there.

Terjon will not be too happy about his conversion matter, but if you've already completed the "Terjon Wants More Followers" quest earlier, he'll agree. If not, then you'll have to first see Terjon Wants More for details, and then come back to see Terjon.

After you've received Terjon's consent, go back to Jaroo and tell him about it. He'll then begin preparations and you'll be free to tell Marek the news. When you do, you'll receive both his happiness and some xp, and also the ability to complete the next two quests, Cupid's Arrow and its follow-up.