Imeryds Run
Imeryds Run

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Imeryds Run will show up on your World Map after you speak with Grud Squinteye for the Grud's Fish Story quest at Nulb #11.

Depending on when you choose to tackle this quest, it will be one of the more challenging encounters in the game and that's saying a lot, as there are many. You can possibly clear this area as low as party level 4, but my party at that level got swallowed in a big way the first time they attempted it. It's probably best to wait until level 5 or 6 before trying it, as there are several tough encounters here, beginning with the one you are forced into as soon as you enter the map at #1.

You'll first be fighting at #2 one Giant Frog and one Behemoth King Frog that's further back in the bush and likes to surprise you. This is the frog you should be looking out for. Not only will it successfully grapple your characters most of the time if it gets close, but the next turn it will swallow them. It's best if you cast some sort of entangle spell on the Behemoth Frog and take it out from a distance, or else have powerful spells and melee attacks. After it's over, be sure to loot the Behemoth. You'll find a lot of incredibly useful magic items at this level.

Next, at area #3 (optional due to the distance away from the quest "giant gar" you're probably looking for), you'll have a big encounter with many lizardmen and a surprisingly tough Sea Hag that likes to dish out disease and does a lot of melee damage when she's close.

Finally, at #4 there's the giant gar, the quest "fish" from Grud Squinteye. It can hit for a lot of damage so beware. An entangle-type spell like web or entangle itself will work well here if it fails its save. When it's defeated you can loot it to pick up its body and take it back to Grud at Nulb #11 for a reward. See the quest for details.

Congratulations on making it past one of the tougher areas of the game, and racking up a significant amount of xp to boot.

1) You Enter Here:
This is the location your party lands when you select Imeryds Run from the World Map.

2) Giant & Behemoth King Frogs:
Your first encounter, and a challenging one to keep the Behemoth Frog from swallowing your party members. Don't forget to loot the King Frog.

3) Sea Hag & Lizardmen:
Several lizardmen guard a trollish Sea Hag, who hits for mighty damage and disease as well. Beware.

4) Giant Gar, Quest Item:
This eel-like fish hits for a lot of damage and will be fairly tough to bring down. When it's over, loot the body and take it to Grud Squinteye at Nulb #11 to complete his quest, "Grud's Fish Story."