Stealing Farmers
The Village of Hommlet

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After you've done the Cupid's Arrow quest above, you can talk to Filliken in his house at #4 about another problem of his, that someone has been stealing from him. If you take on this quest, and it's not yet evening time, wait until the evening inside of Filliken's house and then enter his backyard where you'll see Otello standing there. Ask Otello about Filliken's theft problem, and he'll eventually reveal that it was he who was the thief and he'll plead for his anonymity. You can either agree to keep the matter silent or tell him you're turning him into Filliken.

When you next speak with Filliken, you can tell him who the thief was if you told Otello that you were turning him in. Or, if you promised to keep it secret, you will not have the option of turning him in. Either way, this quest is now complete.