The Locked Level
The Locked Level

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After exploring this level, one might get the sense that Troika meant to put more encounters at one point, but ran out of time. There is hardly a creature worth mentioning or fight to be had other than the encounter at #3 and the old woman at #4, your goal. It's simply, mostly empty space.

There are two ways to enter the level. One is by picking up the Orb of Golden Death artifact from Dungeon Level 3 (#8). The other is by beating the four elemental nodes, and entering the magical doorway that appears at Dungeon Level 4 (#16). You'll notice at #2 an exit. This takes you to Dungeon Level 4 (#16) and sets you down in the middle of a fight (if you haven't already cleared it). It's a one-way ride unless you've cleared the four elemental nodes. From there, you can visit each of the elemental nodes, but by now you probably have.

1) EXIT:
to Temple Interior (#9)

2) EXIT:
to Dungeon Level 4 (#16). This is a one-way teleport, unless you've already cleared the four elemental planes.

3) Violet Fungi:
You'll find many violet and smaller fungi in this area, along with a chest. It will be your only encounter other than the old woman at #4.

4) Old Woman:
Before you approach her, consider your options:

  • Option Ending 1:

    There is an easy way to end the game without combat. Zuggtmoy will be banished for 66 years, only to return. This is how. Enter conversation with her not using the character who holds the Orb of Golden Death, and refuse to take the pillar of platinum she offers to you, regardless of her excuses. You can also make a Sense Motive check to find that you probably shouldn't trust her. When she disappears, search the throne for a pile of gems, your reward, and the ending postscripts. Congratulations!

  • Option Ending 2:

    This is the most difficult way to end the game without first destroying the Orb of Golden Death. If you haven't yet destroyed the Orb, talk to the Old Woman without the character holding the Orb and accept her pillar of platinum. Zuggtmoy will be summoned at #5 with full power, and where the Old Woman stood will possibly be up to three summoned extremely powerful boss creatures (similar to the ones on the elemental nodes) instead of one. I've had both three Vrock and one Balor spawned, so I assume it's a random selection of the elemental node boss creatures. Sometimes, however, she summons a horde of strange fungi. Zuggtmoy hits from fairly far away and has both spell and damage resistance. Use your best tactics and spells to beat her and the summoned creatures. Use your Holy weapons if you have them, as they can bypass her damage resistance. If you have the elemental power gems, use them to summon your own beasts, and the battle will be much, much easier.

    When it's over, Zuggtmoy will be banished for 66 years, the same as if you had simply refused the old woman's pillar of platinum. Congratulations!

  • Option Ending 3:

    You first destroy the Orb, and kill Zuggtmoy within 4 days of its destruction. To destroy the Orb of Golden Death, see Dungeon Level 3 (#8). When you've done that, talk to the Old Woman, and either refuse or accept the pillar of platinum, it makes no difference. Zuggtmoy will be summoned regardless, but significantly weaker. When she's defeated, she will be permanently destroyed, due to her death while she was still trapped on the Prime Material Plane. Congratulations on winning the Temple of Elemental Evil.

  • Option Ending 4:

    If the character with the Orb of Golden Death speaks with the Old Woman, she'll ask you for the Orb. In exchange, she'll offer the pillar of platinum. If you refuse, Zuggtmoy will be summoned at #5 and your character may or may not (depending on a saving throw) be turned into a Thrall... acting confused while your party fights without him/her. If you accept, the character with the Orb will certainly be turned into a Thrall, and Zuggtmoy will be summoned. Defeat this incarnation and all of the other creatures, and Zuggtmoy will be permanently destroyed, due to her death while still on the Prime Material Plane. Congratulations!

  • Option Ending 5:

    You've cleared the Elemental Planes but have not got the Orb. You entered through area #2, and talk to the Old Woman, and either accept or refuse the pillar of platinum. Zuggtmoy appears and you do battle. After she's gone, she's destroyed permanently. (The "why" of these endings, I'll admit, do not make sense to me.) Congratulations!

  • Option Ending 6:

    You've attacked Zuggtmoy and she's almost dead. She surrenders to your party (sometimes it works and sometimes it does not), and conversation will ensue. For allowing her to live, you'll get all the treasure she has, and are then "allowed" to leave. Alternatively, you may have the option if you're evil to attempt to manipulate her.

    It seems the ending you get is determined by five things:

    1. whether or not you've destroyed the Orb and reach her in time

    2. whether you talk to the Old Woman first using the character with the Orb

    3. whether you've not yet found the orb and entered after beating all four elemental planes

    4. whether you allow her to live during the fight, and what you do with the ensuing conversation

    5. if none of the above, refusing or accepting the pillar of platinum.