Temple Escape Tunnel
Temple Escape Tunnel

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This small hub is a great way to get from the World Map to deep in the temple fairly quickly, and vice versa. From it you'll receive the Burnt Farmhouse on your World Map, at exit #2, and Dungeon Level 3 of the temple at exit #3. It's a great way to exit from dungeon 3 or lower once you're there, and need to go back to town for any reason. Take this to the Burnt Farmhouse, where you can access your World Map.

1) EXIT:
to Tower Ruins (#5).
If you haven't yet been inside the Tower Ruins (as I hadn't on my first game), you'll enter into a large-scale combat encounter with many brigands and a couple witches.

2) EXIT:
to Burnt Farmhouse (#1). From the Burnt Farmhouse, you can use your World Map to get back to town.

3) EXIT:
to Dungeon Level 3 (#10). There won't be any combat immediately on Dungeon Level 3 unless you try some of the doors nearby. One of them leads to the artifact required to complete the game (in most scenarios).