Fire Elemental Node
Fire Elemental Node

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Overall, this should prove to be the second toughest elemental node, with the boss probably the toughest. You'll definitely want to be level 10 to tackle it, else you'll probably have extreme difficulty. Landing at #1, points of interest are #5, a chest guarded by many fireball-spewing Salamander, #9 where an NPC awaits, and of course #12 where you'll fight the boss to the fire node, your ultimate goal here.

1) You Enter Here:
from Dungeon Level 4 (#21)

2) Efreeti:
Two efreeti genies here, with fairly powerful attacks, and fire absorbtion. Overall though, they're not as powerful as they might appear.

3) EXIT:
to Air Elemental Node (#1)

4) Fire Snakes & Large Fire Elementals:
You'll encounter four fire snakes and two large fire elementals spread out around this area.

5) Salamanders:
Six of the more challenging creatures in the game, due to their frequent fireball attacks against your party. Fortunately, if you've been hording magic items, you should have enough minor rings of fire resistance to go around, or close. Bring your wizard out (if you have one) and open with one or two cone of cold spells, which will nearly (if not totally) destroy all of them.

When they're defeated, check out the chest behind them. It's locked and my maxed out thief could not open it with his open lock skill, so I had to use my wizard's Knock spell. It contains the very valuable Amulet of Wisdom +4 and a Holy Great Axe +1.

6) EXIT:
to Water Elemental Node (#1)

7) Bodak:
Five of them spread around this area. Bodak potentially have a death spell, however did not appear to use it on my party. Instead, all five were fairly easily taken down with melee.

8) EXIT:
to Earth Elemental Node (#1)

9) Darley the Sorceress:
If you talk to Darley with a character using the Sense Motive skill, you'll be able to figure out she's really a demon. If you can accept that, you can ask for her to join your party. She'll grow small horns on her head and join up. If you don't have a good Sense Motive, you won't notice and she'll remain in human form, with slightly less hitpoints. Her spells are not terribly powerful, but she can be fun to have around (since you're probably maxed out on xp anyway). She can also be a good damage sponge for the upcoming boss battle if you're short on party members... since she's Chaotic Evil, I'm sure she wouldn't object to being used like that, if you buy that logic.

10) Fire Toads:
Three of them. Large, giant toads made of fire. Should be an easy encounter.

11) Salamanders:
Three of the fireball throwing creatures.

12) Fire Boss, Balor Guardian:
I considered this the toughest battle in the game. The Balor has a spell resistance of 20, hits for the most damage of any creature in the game, and gets several punishing attacks per round that do not miss much, likely taking any character to (or close to) death while in melee. It's simply a vicious fight, and you'd better be prepared. Along with the Balor, you'll fight two efreeti to each side and a little in front of it. Amazingly, I was able to escape (my second time trying) without losing any characters in battle, but two of them were only unconscious... miraculously. You see, there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead...

When the Balor's defeated, it will disappear and leave its fire elemental power gem laying in its spot. Pick it up, identify it, and you'll have access to these incredible powers:

1. Flame Strike
2. Summon Fire Elemental
3. Summon Balor (!)
4. Teleport to Fire Node

Leave through the exit portal at #13.

13) EXIT:
to Dungeon Level 4 (#22)