Grud's Fish Story
The Village of Nulb

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On the dock by the boat at #11 you'll find a pirate named Grud Squinteye. Talk to him about the fish he's been looking to catch at Imeryds Run, and he'll mark it on your map and explain why he's reluctant to go - mainly because he's afraid of the creatures. If you can bring him back the body of a giant gar, you'll have his gratitude and some xp. Imeryds Run is not a cakewalk. In fact, I tried it at level 4 and was obliterated my first attempt, especially by the Behemoth King Frog there who kept swallowing my characters when he got initiative first. I'm sure it can be done with proper use of strategy and spells, but if you want an easier time of it go there at minimum level 5. By level 6 it should be only a moderate challenge. See the Imeryds Run map for details when you're ready.

After it's over, if you've by chance angered the pirates by completing the Assassination quest at the Boatmens' Tavern, you won't be able to talk to Grud, as he'll attack. The way around this (at least pre-patch) is to have a hidden character sneak up to Grud and initiate conversation. That way you can complete the quest. After dialogue, he'll attack you however.