Drinking Contest
The Village of Hommlet

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The Inn of the Welcome Wench When you come to the Wench in the evening (rest or wait somewhere), you'll find a new small group of people in the center, (#12, 13 & 14). Talk to Tuperello, the Braumeister's son (#13) with your stoutest character (the most HP) to immediately receive the Drinking Contest quest. It's a simple matter of taking non-lethal damage until you're the last man/woman standing. You'll take 1-3 points of non-lethal damage per turn. It's best to do this when you've reached level 2, but I managed to pull out a victory with only 11 points of damage (out of 14 with my fighter) at level 1. Another time, I took in the mid 20's to win.

Alternate way to win at Level 1: Use your second-most robust character and drink until you flop. Then use a potion or spell of cure light wounds on Tuperello, and take the drinking contest again using your heartiest character. Tuperello should fall fairly soon, handing the victory over to you.

One warning. If you have a paladin in your party, you might not want to binge like this. They'll likely "fall" afterward. Not what you want happening at the beginning of your game.

The bonus to this quest is that you can loot the hammered patrons sleeping on the floor when it's over, should you wish.