Black Jay's Dead Sheep
The Village of Hommlet

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If you're playing Chaotic Good, Black Jay at #13 (outside in the day, inside at night) will be your first assignment. He'll tell you about the Moathouse, mark it on your map (if it's not there already), and then you'll be free to talk about other things, such as his wife or sheep problem. Likely he'll first mention his dead sheep, who have been mysteriously dying. By telling him you'll look into it for him, you accept the quest.

First, walk past Black Jay to his field to the west of the house, and you'll see many small plants in the yard, called Hemlock. Pick one up, and using that character, talk to Black Jay. Tell BJ you're still looking into it, and then show him the hemlock. He'll tell you that Jaroo the Druid at #18 might know what they are. Now head down to #18 and pay Jaroo a visit. The fastest way to travel in Homlett is by using your World Map and selecting either North, South or East Hommlet. In this case, choose South unless you want to hoof it all the way. It will set you at the Inn, so travel southeast from there.

Using the same character that has the hemlock in his/her inventory, talk to Jaroo and ask him about the substance. He'll parlay that it's poison. Step back outside, use your World Map and head to north Hommlet, which drops you conveniently near Black Jay's (and the Church). Speak with BJ again and tell him about the poison. Your next step will be to wait until evening to see if anyone suspicious comes. Note: whenever you have to wait until evening in this game for something to happen, you must visit another map, even if it's just the interior of a house, before checking up on the person. If you're already on another map when you wait, all the better.

Hitting "R" on your keyboard brings up the Rest menu. Rest until evening (a good place is inside Black Jay's house), or, if it is already evening, head into Black Jay's house and then back out. When you re-visit his fields you'll notice a young man standing by the tall crop. He's the Teamster's Son, so speak to him. You can attempt to use diplomacy and intimidation during your speech with him, but it won't make a difference; the boy will leave without telling you much regardless. However, he'll be scared enough not to come back after the conversation, and this was your mission after all. Report back to Black Jay (who will probably be in his house at night) to complete the quest.