Tower Ruins Entrance
Tower Ruins Entrance

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Like all of the Temple surrounding areas, this area does not have any combat (save for resting or if you have Lareth in your party... traitorous rat excrement that he is). There's one single entrance into the area at #1, and if you've spoken to either Wat or Rentsch at the Waterside Hostel, you'll find a tower guard posted outside the entrance. He'll ask what you're doing there, and you can either tell him that Wat sent you or Rentsch (you'll have both options if you've received both mini-quests). If you tell him Wat sent you, you'll be taken into the Fire Temple, Dungeon Level 2 to speak with Alrrem and begin Fire Temple quests. If you choose the Rentsch option, you'll be taken to Romag of the Earth Temple that covers all of Dungeon Level 1 and start the Earth Temple quests. The Wat option is definitely tougher, although if you use the map, you can fairly quickly escape. Be sure to have the robes of the appropriate temple that you got from the Temple Interior before you choose either, because if you don't, you'll be attacked by every occupant of the respective temple. This is explained in more detail in the Temple Interior, where you pick up the robes.

Your third option is to simply use the door behind the guard (if there is one), and enter the Tower Ruins. Once you enter the door, you'll be in for a fairly challenging encounter if you're still in the mid-level range. There will be a horde of human enemies, two witches (that aren't very difficult) and some ranged attackers. Rest up before you enter. After the battle inside, you can find the secret ladder down to the Temple Escape Tunnel that takes you either to the Burnt Farmhouse or Dungeon Level 3... very close to the one item that's required to win the game (in most scenarios). The battle inside the Tower is not overly difficult, so if you're mid-level give it a try.

1) EXIT:
to Temple Exterior (#3)

2) Tower Guard:
You'll find a guard here who halts you if you've spoken with either Wat or Rentsch at the Waterside Hostel and received their mini-quests as a back door into the temple. Telling him that Wat sent you will get you into the Fire Temple on Dungeon Level 2 to speak with Alrrem. Telling him that Rentsch sent you will teleport you to Romag of the Earth Temple in Dungeon Level 1. Make sure to carry the robes of the respective temple before choosing either, unless you're willing to fight your way out.

3) EXIT:
to Tower Ruins (#1).