Temple of Elemental Evil Exterior
Temple of Elemental Evil - Exterior

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This area is simply a hub. There is no fighting, excepting the random encounters when you rest, and only three exits on the map. The west, or left exit #2, leads to an area that either was not completed or has no use, or I did not find its purpose. It is called the Ruined House on the World Map. Please let us know if you find out anything significant about it. The right exit at #3 leads to the tower ruins entrance (as it describes in the original module), or broken tower as the map says, where you'll get a chance at a back entrance into the dungeon levels of the temple. The central exit here at #4 leads to the Temple Interior, another hub-like area with no fighting.

I'd recommend beginning with the Temple Interior and picking up the four sets of robes (explained at that location), rather than jumping immediately into one of the dungeons sans robes. After you pick up the robes, you can then head back out to the Tower Ruins and into the Tower for a challenging fight. I'd then recommend a short bit of exploration into the Escape Tunnel and the Burnt Farmhouse, and then back to Dungeon Level 1 through one of the Temple Interior stairwells. It will be easier if you start from Dungeon Level 1 and work your way down, though it's definitely possible to do it any number of ways. See the Tower Ruins for details on other possibilities.

1) You Enter Here:
This is where you'll land if you select the Temple of Elemental Evil from the World Map.

2) EXIT:
to the Ruined House dead end. There is no map to the area since there are no fights or anything noticeably significant about the area.

3) EXIT:
to the Tower Ruins Entrance (#1). It's labeled as "Broken Tower" on the World Map.

4) EXIT:
to the Temple Interior (#1).