Cupid's Arrow
The Village of Hommlet

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It's tempting not to go to Gwynneth's house at the beginning of the game, since you're so close, and find out about this quest, but since there are a few pre-requisites to finishing it, and you haven't yet learned about Terjon, etc., this is why this quest is near the bottom of the quest heap.

If you haven't already done so, go to the house at #2 on the map and speak with Gwynneth inside. Conversing with her about her barn, she'll eventually ask you to hook her brother-in-law Filliken with the widow Mathilde in order to put a damper on Filliken's manic working. As of yet, it's not possible due to a rather convoluted mess, which you'll have to solve to complete this quest. First, agree to help and then see Mathilde next door at #3 on the map. Tell her about Gwynneth's suggestion and she'll hint that she does have feelings for Filliken, but that she'd like to build a barn for him except that the carpenter Rik Linkin is too busy at the moment.

Your next job will be to convince the carpenter to build Mathilde a barn. If you haven't yet done the Carpenter's Dilemma quest, now would be a good time, as it's required to proceed in Cupid's Arrow. Once you've converted Marek for Rik Linken, he'll be free to build the barn, so go and let Mathilde know.

Just one more order of business before this quest is finished. You'll need to go and talk to Filliken in his house at #4 to see if he reciprocates Mathilde's feelings. He'll tell you that he has not yet mourned long enough over his wife to see another woman. This is where you'll go ask Jaroo at #18 if one year is enough for a mourning in the Old Faith. He will say that it is, and you can now go and tell Filliken that he can re-enter the vast ocean of love so to speak. He'll brigten considerably at the news, and the quest will be over.

You're now prepared for the next quest, Stealing Farmers.