Flirting with Disaster
The Village of Hommlet

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After you've completed the Carpenter's Dilemma, Cupid's Arrow, and Stealing Farmers quests, you're ready for this next one. There's a fairly big payoff though for completing all the quests required - a Holy Longsword +1 as a gift when it's over. In order to complete it, you'll need a male PC with a fairly high charisma. An easy way to get a character's charisma up if it's merely average is if you have a cleric with the 2nd level spell, Eagle's Splendor. This or an Eagle's Splendor potion should work perfectly.

Use this male character and speak with Meleny, Filliken's daughter at #4. If you get the option that begins with, "Maybe a smart and intelligent girl like yourself should experience...," choose it. Then say you're enjoying her company. You won't get much farther with this line, but talk to her again after you're through. She's one of the only characters you need to "woo" in order to marry, and it still won't take much. The next time you talk to her, tell her you've returned to tell her about your adventures but first you want to hear about hers. She'll mention the Deklo Grove. Ask her why her father doesn't think it's safe, and then say you'll protect her. The conversation will end soon after.

Talk to her again and you'll be able to ask her to join you, and then to marry you when she at first refuses. Speak with Filliken now and ask for her hand in marriage. Tell her you've already gotten Marek to convert for Althea, so everything should be okay. He'll agree, give you the sword and the quest will be completed. You can now get Meleny, the level 1 Druid to join your party.