Agent Revealed
The Village of Hommlet

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Zip on over to the large Guard Tower on the east side of town at #28, climb the stairs, enter on the main floor and speak with Burne, part of the famous adventuring duo with Rufus. If one of your characters has a good sleight of hand skill, now would be an opportune time, with Burne. In fact, with anyone such as merchants or high ranking figures, it's usually a good idea to try if you're into that.

Talk to Burne about castle business and you'll find out that there's a problem over at the castle build site. Seems someone's disrupting the castle's schedule, allowing it to slip and the like. He'll want you to pose as laborers and see if you can find out who the bandito is by asking around the site. Go to the site now at #29 and speak with the first person at the top of the ramp, Jayfie. You a person skilled in either Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate to make him spill, and eventually you'll learn that it was the traders Rannos and Gremag at #12 behind the slowing of the castle construction. Alternatively, you can complete the quest if you lack the required skills by repeatedly talking with Jayfie, at which point he eventually leaves. As your parting remark, you can accuse him of being a spy, which will solve this quest, but apparently makes the "Traders' Courier" quest unsolvable. Report back to Burne with this new information for 50gp and some xp.

Immediately following this, you can complete the Traders Revealed quest if you so desire. However, you might want to finish the Trader's Courier quest next if you haven't yet, else you'll miss out on it due to the Trader's anger after you reveal them.