Terjon Wants More Followers
The Village of Hommlet

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The Church of St. Cuthbert

Enter the Church of St. Cuthbert at #14 on the Hommlet map, and take the stairs at #4 to the upper level at #7 and speak with Terjon at #9. If Terjon's not there, you'll first need to go back downstairs and talk with Calmert. Ask to see the chief cleric and he'll ask that you donate to see him now. When Terjon's there, you'll have a few options. You can get two quests from talking to him. He'll could offer you the Artifact at Emridy Meadows quest first based on your conversation choices, but ask him about conversions to St. Cuthbert and he'll tell you that Jakk Borton, the leather worker in town is a prime candidate.

Before you leave, check out the bookcase at area #8. Inside is a trove of scrolls. One of them is a Heal scroll. Should you already know the "Read Magic" spell with either your cleric or mage, you can use that to identify scrolls. Take the Heal scroll over to the Leather Worker at area #5 and speak with the man on the left, Jakk Borton. Tell him Terjon is looking for more followers, but he'll say that it would take a miracle to convince him to join.

Use your Heal scroll on Bing, next to Jakk, and you can then convince Jakk to join St. Cuthbert. Hello xp.

1) EXIT:
to Hommlet #14

4) EXIT:
to the Upper Level #7

7) EXIT:
to Ground Floor #4

8) Bookcase with Scrolls:
Take all the scrolls in this bookcase. Identify them with a Read Magic spell, Identify spell or by having any merchant identify it for 100gp. One of them is a Heal scroll, which can be used in this quest.

9) Terjon, Cleric of St. Cuthbert:
the quest giver.