The Village of Nulb

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The Waterside Hostel

This quest is only an option once you've already received both temple mini-quests from Rentsch and Wat. Afterward, you can attempt to bluff your way through this quest. Here's the complete process.

Using a character with ranks in Bluff, Gather Information and Diplomacy, first speak to either Rentsch or Wat at #5 or #6 respectively. If you're talking with Rentsch, use a character with Gather Info and Diplomacy. Ask him first about the Battle of Emridy Meadows, and then be diplomatic with: "I always thought the Temple fought valiantly." Following that, you should tell him, "I'd have loved to have fought next to them." He'll then direct you to the ruined tower guard at Tower Ruin Entrance (#2) who you can then tell Rentsch sent you.

Next, talk to Wat (or vice versa). With Wat, you'll want to use a character with ranks in the Bluff skill. Talk about the Moathouse first, and then use Bluff to tell him that the St. Cuthbert people are always telling everyone what to do. With that connection between you, Wat'll open up and tell you about the ruined tower guard at Tower Ruin Entrance (#2), who you can then tell Wat sent you.

Unless you've received both of these mini-quests, you won't receive the Triple-Cross option. Using the party member with Bluff, talk to Wat. Tell him you have bad news about Rentsch, and that the's been reporting to the council in Hommlet. Now speak with Rentsch using the same party member. Again, tell Rentsch that you have bad news about Wat, and that he's a secret agent of Furyondy. Finally, go back to Wat and tell him you think Rentsch knows about him working for the Temple. That will complete the quest, but you can once again go back to Rentsch and tell him about Wat, and both the men will say they're working on it.

1) EXIT:
to Nulb #3

5) Rentsch:
he's working for the Earth Temple.

6) Wat:
he's working for the Fire Temple.