Introduction & Advice
As with all of our walkthroughs, if you have any additional quest information or find something we missed, please do not hesitate to let us know. We'd like to extend our thanks to everyone who has helped to make this a better walkthrough!

Please take a look at our Walkthrough FAQ before starting the walkthrough; it has no spoilers and should help a lot to clarify questions you may or will have while playing. Read on for general advice and a brief introduction to the game.

Walkthrough Legend:

Exit to another section or map.  Light Map Marker = Exit to another section or map.
Event or Encounter within a map.  Dark Map Marker = Event or Encounter within a map.


A beloved classic adventure module juxtaposed and updated with the most advanced AD&D roleplaying system currently available has resulted in the Temple of Elemental Evil computer game. If you can overlook its pre-patch rushed state, you should have fun with a highly entertaining character advancement system, beautifully detailed and animated character sprites, countless detailed monsters from the D&D world, and exquisitely rendered (and sometimes animated) background graphics.

Though the game, while playing, will seem somewhat short if you look at it from a task perspective, the sheer amount of combat and the choices will keep you involved beyond most liberal estimations. This is also a game that should prove fun to replay due to the improbable number of character and skill combinations, and its detailed combat system.


You'll want to have a balanced party, one that's expert in many specialties, not overlapping too much. Remember, you'll receive more experience with less party members, so if you're new and looking to hire on NPCs, they'll take their share of both xp and the loot.

You'll no doubt be surprised at how quickly you enter the "end-game". Don't let that fool, or disappoint you. There's at least as much gameplay in the Temple as there is in the whole rest of the game combined.

Wrap up a few quests in Hommlet before you venture to the Moathouse. Attempt to reach level two for your party at least before trying its dungeon, as there will be some difficult encounters within. An extremely easy way to level up at least once is to use the World Map to travel to and from various places, picking and choosing your random encounters as they appear on route. That's based on your survival skill, so if you've a ranger in your party, your chances of avoiding a random encounter will be greater on the road.

When you need rest, I'd suggest going to your World Map and choosing "Hommlet South". That will take you to the front of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Another benefit is that you'll be right across from the Blacksmith to sell your loot. Even from far away places, I've found that this is usually fastest. If you can't afford to leave your current situation and rest, choose a secluded place with your backs against the wall, cast all required healing spells, save your game, and rest 8 hours to replenish spells.

Upon leveling up, save your game before you click the yellow plus sign on the character portrait, and go through the process. If their new hit points is not to your liking, reload and try again. This can get tedious, so be warned if you're looking for a "perfect" party. Note: when will developers learn to install a default "max hit points on leveling up" option, or a slider that lets you set the minimum hps? The hardcore users can always turn it off and choose to accept what they get. For the vast majority I'm guessing, this lack of an option results in countless saves and reloads... unessessarily frustrating the player. The rules sometimes have to be bent in the name of fun.

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