Moathouse Interior
Moathouse Interior

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If you entered this area from #5 of the Moathouse Ruins, then you'll come through at #1 here. There are a few dire rats that respawn over at #2 you'll have to deal with whenever you come here, but other than that, there are only two creatures of note. One is a giant python at #3 and a giant lizard at #4. I'll mention here that the east side of this map isn't like what you'll see in the game. For some reason, the in-game map looks like this, but the actual layout is very slightly different. The #3 room is open in-game, while on the map, has smaller rooms. Taking the back door to #6 will put you right in the bandit leader's room along with his gang. Likewise, taking the side exit from the Moathouse Ruins will land you at #7, also with the bandit leader.

There are two ways into the dungeon below. One is from the staircase at #5 and the other is at #8, taking you a sort of secret way to confront an ogre. Personally, I feel that if you have a cleric in your party, the staircase at #5 will be easier for you due to the fight with undead soon after and her/his Turn Undead ability. There are also several Eye of Flame cloaks in the north rooms when you get down to the dungeon that will help your party out using diplomacy in a couple of the tougher encounters should they all be wearing them. Details when you get down.

1) EXIT:
to Moathouse Ruins (#5).

2) Dire Rats:
While not difficult, they can respawn, making them a nuisance more than anything.

3) Giant Python:
This snake shouldn't pose much of a challenge, even at level 1.

4) Giant Lizard:
At level 1, this reptile can be a challenge if it gets good rolls, due to the high damage hits.

5) EXIT:
to Moathouse Dungeon (#1)

6) Bandit Leader & Gang:
this is where your first main objective is (even though completing it won't get you anything except good xp and loot). Inside this small dogleg-right room are the bandits and leader. There are several and it will be a cramped fight, so keep that in mind. Try stunning or dazing the leader and taking him out first. This fight will be easier if your party is already at level 2... which it probably should be at this point if you want to progress much further without much difficulty. For a surprise attack, enter this room from the side entrance of the Moathouse Ruins.

7) EXIT:
to Moathouse Ruins (#6)

8) EXIT:
to Moathouse Dungeon (#9). Taking this way to the dungeon is recommended if you're level 3 by the time you take on this area, otherwise, it might be easier to use the stairs at #5 for a less experienced party.