Nulb Guide & Map
The Village of Nulb

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Welcome to Nulb.

Nulb is a small swampy pirate villa with creaky wooden walkways over stagnant murky green water. The background ambience is filled with the din of giant frogs. It never feels quite "day" here, but always on the verge of night.

The village of Nulb is a stopping point on your way to the Temple of Elemental Evil. You won't learn much about the Temple until talking with some of its citizens (if you can call them that), some of which will point it out on your map, therefore enabling entrance. You'll find a couple at the Waterside Hostel, and perhaps the Smithy might have something to say about it. There are a small number of quests here, mostly minor, though some of them can be both fun and challenging.

Once you learn of the Temple's location, you're not required to stay, but if your level is still low (4 or 5), it's advisable to do the quests here if only for experience.


Nulb Traveler's Bureau