The Courtship of Eddie's Herdsman
The Village of Hommlet

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Saunter over to Herdsman Laszlo's place at #19 and speak with the man himself using a female NPC. The man feels he'll be accepted in Hommlet more if he were married. In order to do that, you'll need to gain the acceptance of Eddie, his son. If you speak to Eddie early on in the game, he'll not be too friendly, especially with your bribe attempts. Come back in a couple levels, however, and using a female character speak again with Eddie asking him to show you around. He'll actually almost call you mom before trailing off. Now's your chance. Talk to Laszlo again and tell him the news that Eddie now accepts you. You can play this however you want from this point forth, but it will all lead to essentially the same conclusion: Laszlo remaining where he is and your quest completed.

And if you think these corny impromptu love and marriage quests are finished, think again.