Inn of the Welcome Wench
The Village of Hommlet

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The Inn of the Welcome Wench 1) EXIT:
to Hommlet (#6)

2) Glora Gundigoot, Innkeeper's Wife:
She'll tell you of the various rumors for quests here in Hommlet, and when you learn of the Moathouse, of rumors pertaining to that location... for a small price.

3) Spugnoir, Wizard for Hire:
Spugnoir will join your party, and will also mark the location of the Moathouse and Emridy Meadows on your map for you if you ask him directions.

4) Furnok, Thief for Hire:
He'll join your party, and is involved in the quest, Know When to Fold below.

5) Turuko, Monk for Hire:
He'll only join if you have four or less people in your party, and will only join with Kobort the fighter, beside him.

6) Kobort, Fighter for Hire:
As with Turuko above, he'll only join with four or less members in your existing party, and only with Turuko as a pair. He's join you in the Drinking Contest quest below. When he's out, you can take his stuff without retribution... if you're playing that type of party.

7) Ostler Gundigoot, Innkeeper:
He'll offer you a room for two gold a night, and when you pay him, it will initiate the Know When to Fold quest below.

8) EXIT:
to Inn Upstairs

9) EXIT:
to Inn Cellar

10) EXIT:
to Inn Upstairs

11) EXIT:
to Inn Cellar

12) Elmo, Drunken Fighter for Hire:
By day he wanders the main street in Homlett, near the Inn. By night, you'll find him here. You can hire him, and at level 4 he's not half bad... much better than your top fighter in the beginning.

13) Tuperello, Braumeister's Son:
At night, he'll challenge you to a Drinking Contest. Last man/woman standing wins. See below.

14) Valden, Wainright:
In the evening, he'll be here spending a few hours away from his homestead at the Wench.