Emridy Meadows
Emridy Meadows

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If you've spoken to Terjon about the Artifact in Hommlet #14, you'll get access to this area. Alternatively, you can speak with Spugnoir at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet for directions.

1) You Enter Here:
This is where you land when you select the Emridy Meadows from the World Map. This is a huge open area dominated by low-level undead. Most of them are not along the edge of the perimeter, but in the large central area of the map. The "rainbow rock" you're looking for is at #2, and is a fairly unimpressive piece of earth. Beware of area #3, where a Hill Giant and Bear cohabitate.

2) Rainbow Rock:
This is the rock Terjon was looking for. It houses his artifact and a note from his pa. Bring it back to Terjon for a reward of gratitude and xp.

3) Hill Giant & Brown Bear:
As if the Bear wouldn't be enough for a low level party, you'll have a Hill Giant to contend with for the treasure spread around the area. Your best best is to:

a: to take them at a higher level when you have entangle-type spells
b: use your current spells such as Tasha's Hideous Laughter and hope for failed saving throws, or
c: if you simply want the magical items, use an invisible character such as a thief/ranger using hide, or cleric with Sanctuary.

Do not let the HG get close, as he hits for insane damage even at high levels. I did this at party level 4 with a Web and Entangle Spell... and let loose a barrage of feathered arrows into his soft belly, not taking a scratch of damage. When it's over, be sure to pick up the nice magical treasure where he was standing originally.