Tower Ruins
Tower Ruins

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As soon as you enter the spacious room, you'll be in combat with a lot of humans. The ones to look out for are the two witches at #2 and #3, and the ranged attackers at #4 who will continuously get free attacks until they're taken out. However, you can probably put them off until you remove all other threats. Like most huge battles of the game, area effect spells like Fireball, Stinking Cloud, etc. will be useful. Magic Missile will come in handy against the witches as well, for an attack that always hits at long range.

When it's over, find the secret ladder to the Temple Escape Tunnel (#1), a very handy temple exit you'll probably use often when coming from the lower dungeon levels. It can take you both to the Burnt Farmhouse exterior area (where you can access the World Map) and Dungeon Level 3, very close to an important item that's needed to complete the game (in most scenarios).

1) EXIT:
to Tower Ruins Entrance (#3).

2) Witch & Brigands:
This is one of the two witches in the area, surrounded by a few brigands with crossbows.

3) Witch & Brigands:
Just to the left of the map marker is another witch, and surrounding it are several other brigands.

4) Ranged Attackers:
Lining the stairway and the mezzanine are more ranged attackers.

5) EXIT:
to Temple Escape Tunnel (#1). Taking this ladder down, you'll have access to the Burnt Farmhouse and Dungeon Level 3... a dangerous level you shouldn't try until you're level 8+, unless you want a very good challenge.