Mona's Crystal Ball
The Village of Nulb

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At location #4 you'll find an older gypsy named Mona with an indebted Serena behind her. Choose a character with a fair Diplomacy skill and talk to Mona, who will mention that her Crystal Ball has been stolen, and that the perpetrator is a man by the name of Mickey (at #2). If you've already done the Grud's Fish Story quest, you won't need diplomacy, as you'll have somewhat a reputation. When you accept this quest, head over to Mickey using a character with the Intimidate skill. Mickey will admit to the theft, but ask that you pay him 500gp in return for the Crystal. Using Intimidate, you can threaten Mickey and he'll simply give it to you for free, which you can then take to Mona for your xp reward. Alternatively, you may also have the option to knock Mickey unconscious and grab the "orb" without a character using Intimidate. Consequently, this opens the way for the completion of another quest, Tooth of Pain.