A Pirate's Life for Me
The Village of Nulb

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The Boatmens' Tavern & Nulb Market Bertram at #10 on the Nulb map is a pirate slave to Tolub. Using a male character (that's correct), you can attempt to flirt with Bertram and he'll mention this servitude to Tolub, beginning the quest for Bertram's freedom. You won't have to actually marry Bertram when it's over, but he'll join your party if you want. Here's how.

Go over to the Boatmen's Tavern at #12 on the Nulb map when you're ready and talk to Tolub there at #3 who will challenge you to a fist fight. It's best if you use your best brawler without a weapon. That would be a monk if you have one, otherwise use your other toughest melee character. They'll have to be a fairly high level (5+ with good Constitution) if you don't want to keep reloading or you're not using a monk, as Tolub will hit for quite a few points of non-lethal damage when he connects. When you've finally defeated him, he'll offer either 100 "doubloons" or gp, or you can ask for Bertram's freedom. You can now go back to Bertram and choose the ending to this quest that best suits you. He'll even join your party if you want him to.

As a result of you fighting and beating Tolub, you'll have also completed the Eye of the Tiger quest, next. A word of warning, though. If you've already completed the Assassination quest, Bertram and the other pirates will be hostile to you, so you won't be able to finish up this one unless you use a hidden character and initiate conversation before he sees you.

1) EXIT:
to Nulb #12

3) Tolub, Pirate:
This is the man you'll need to fight to win Bertram's freedom.