The Village of Hommlet

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The Church of St. Cuthbert

To get started on this short quest, enter the Church of St. Cuthbert at #14 on the Hommlet map and speak with Calmert #2 on the ground floor.

1) EXIT:
to Hommlet #14

2) Calmert, Priest of St. Cuthbert:
There are a few things you'll need to do when you speak with Calmert, and you can do them all the first time you speak with him. Firstly, he'll give you healing or be able to raise the dead for a hefty fee.

Secondly, for the Zealotry quest talk to him about St. Cuthbert and ask about retribution. He'll mention a young lad named Cavanaugh, an apprentice at the Brewery (#15) who hasn't paid his dues. When you accept this quest and you're through here head over to #15 on the Hommlet map and talk with Cavanaugh.

Cavanaugh would at first be reluctant to pay, but if you use a party member with intimidate to speak with him, you can convince him to have the money tomorrow. Further, by doing this you'll be able to recruit Cavanaugh a couple days later in front of the Inn of the Welcome Wench due to his newfound unemployment. If you do not intimidate, however, you'll have to speak to Calmert for him. Report to Calmert with a party member that has Bluff, and you'll be able to pay 2gp to settle Cavanaugh's dues. Otherwise, you may use Diplomacy to make donation of 10gp, more than offsetting the neglectful Cavanaugh.

At one time or another, ask Calmert to speak with the chief cleric. He'll say you must donate to talk with him. When you do, Terjon the cleric will appear upstairs, and is related to many quests here in Hommlet. When you're through with Calmert and his quest, head down the exit at #3 to see Myella about the Grain for the Church quest.