One Bride for One Player
The Village of Hommlet

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Head over to Holten and Fruella's at #25 and speak with Holten using a male party member. Ask him how business is and follow that conversation line to get to where you can use Sense Motive to ask how things really are (your sense motive does not have to be high). He'll tell you things would be okay if he could marry off his daughter, Fruella. Tell him you're the man for the job, and now talk to Fruella. Express your love for her (sounds corny and it is) and she'll say she won't get married unless it's in a church. Go back to Holten and tell him that it must be in a church. He'll agree to the conversion to St. Cuthbert and you can go and tell Fruella.

Beware, though, that if you marry Fruella, this level 3 fighter will join your party and will not leave. The only way you'll be able to get rid of her is to allow her to die.