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Warrior's Guild
Warrior's Guild

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1 - Instructor

The instructor will offer to spar with you. To start the fight, go into combat mode and then click on the instructor. If you win, he'll teach you a point in "augment damage." If you lose nothing bad will happen, and you'll be able to try again.

2 - Alrik

Alrik is the guild's master. If you want to join, you'll have to complete two quests:

a) Retrieve the Eye of the Cyclops from the guild catacombs. You'll find it on the second level of the catacombs (#8). When you give it to Alrik you'll receive 93,500 experience.

b) Retrieve the Heart of the Dragon from the Imp's Castle. See the Imp's Castle section for the exact location of the heart. When you give it to Alrik you'll receive another 93,500 experience, and he'll also teach you a point of "boomerang."

3 - Locked Chests

There are two locked chests along the far wall. One you can unlock one with the key on the nearby desk. The other you'll have to pick to open.

4 - Locked Door

You can unlock it with the key Alrik (#2) gives you.

5 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#5a) unlocks the door.

6 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#6a) unlocks the door.

7 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#7a) unlocks the door.

8 - Guardian of the Cyclops

When you get close enough to the guardian, it will talk to you and then attack you. So immediately move west back into the main room (since the guardian will chase you) so you'll have to face as few enemies as possible at the beginning of the fight. The guardian is a level 50+ conjurer so an area attack is helpful when you fight it. Once it dies, go back to its starting position to pick up the Eye of the Cyclops, the object Alrik (#2) sent you to retrieve.


A. Front gate.
B. Stairs between the main level and the first catacomb level.
C. Stairs between the first and second catacomb levels.