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Dwarven Village
Dwarven Village

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1 - Teleporter

It requires the dwarven activation scroll.

2 - Rimmer's Shop

He'll sell you bottles of his special ale for 5 gold each, and he'll give you five bottles for free when you deliver the message from his brother Strobur in the Dwarven Halls.

3 - Town Crier

From the town crier you'll learn that the dwarves have gone to war with the elves. "These arrogant creatures attacked us unprovoked!"

4 - Grod's House

5 - Commemorative Plinth

Early in the game there won't be anything special about this location, but after you've received the quest to restore the Council of Seven, you'll find Eolus Thunderstorm here. He'll tell you that the Axe of Stone, an artifact that was previously located on the plinth, was stolen by the elves, and that he can't join the council until it is recovered. So you'll have to investigate the crime and find the axe.

Start out by talking to mayor Gregor (#10) and the elf accused of the crime (in the cellar of #9):

Gregor will ask you to get him some mead, and he'll suggest you try one of the local taverns. This is sort of a bug, because what he wants is some of Rimmer's special ale (found at #2). When you give it to him he'll become very chatty and tell you about his "new friends" that live in a secret cave in the Dwarven Halls. He'll even tell you the password so you can get to them: "prophecy."

Arandalis the elf will claim he was knocked unconscious by a human and a dwarf, and that the dwarf "slurred and smelled strongly of mead." If you've already met the mayor, you'll recognize him as the dwarf.

That's all you can do in the village. Your next stop should be the Dwarven Mines. There you'll uncover the plot to frame the elves for the theft of the axe, and you should find a manuscript that implicates Gregor in the deed. Once you've reported your findings to the king in the Dwarven Halls, Eolus (now at #6) will agree to join the council, and you'll receive 150,000 experience and 2 reputation points for your efforts.

6 - House

You'll find a locked chest in one of the rooms in the house. The key to the chest is under the rug in the room.

7 - Thorgrim's House

8 - Rowan's House

9 - Black Hammer Inn

The town prison is in the basement, but you won't find anything interesting there or in the inn itself until you need to find the Axe of Stone. Then you'll be able to talk to an elf prisoner in the cellar.

10 - Town Hall

If you didn't get the dwarven activation scroll from Krasnegar at the Dwarven Bread Inn, then you can find here it on a table. You'll also find Gregor Dunatrim the mayor. He'll play an important role once you need to find the Axe of Stone (see #5).