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Main Orc Camp
Main Orc Camp

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1 - Well

This is the well you'll need to poison for Captain Mitox in the Ravaged Village.

2 - Teleporter

It requires the orc activation scroll.

3 - Baluk's Tent

Baluk is the leader of the orcs. He's a more powerful version of the orc shaman, but if you've been able to fight your way to him then he probably won't be very difficult to kill. When Baluk dies he'll drop a platinum key. There are four chests in Baluk's tent. The first platinum key unlocks the first chest, which contains the second platinum key. The second platinum key unlocks the second chest, which contains the third platinum key. You get the idea. In the fourth chest you'll find the orc activation scroll.

4 - Jail Pit

Once you've received the quest to assemble the Council of Seven, you'll find Kroxy the orc representative here. Just talk to him to convince him to join. When you do you'll receive 143,000 experience but lose 2 reputation points. "XX... XXB...? THIS STUPID! Kroxy wants to go to council NOW!"