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Catacombs, Level 5
Catacombs, Level 5

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1 - Floor Tiles

The floor tiles lead into small treasure rooms. In room #1a you'll face a skeleton lord and find a bat of striking (a quality mace). The lord should also drop something good.

In room #1b, you'll find some minor potions on the floor, and you'll have to face a level 13 skeletal conjurer lord. The lord will drop something good when it dies, but otherwise you might want to skip this room for a while since the lord can be tough to kill.

In room #1c, you'll find a level 19 giant spider. It won't drop anything, and you'll only find gold, gems, and lockpicks on the floor.

In room #1d, you'll have to face a skeletal guardian (which should be easy at this point), but you'll find the amulet of glory on the ground, making this the best tile room on the level.

2 - Locked Chests

You can find some nice equipment inside, so if you haven't been able to use your lock picking skill yet, here's your chance.

3 - Necromancy Device

The middle part of the level is essentially a big machine designed to bring Thelyron Hashnitor back to life. As soon as you enter the machine, you'll start a conversation with a skeleton named Desmond. He'll show you how the device is supposed to work: four skeletons are supposed to pull four levers in turn, but one skeleton has fallen apart and so nothing is happening. For you to get the device to work, you'll have to pull the problem lever (#4).

Some things to know:

a) The door to the machine will close and lock behind you. Once you go in the only way to get back out is to help the skeletons bring Thelyron back to life.

b) When you approach the resurrection lever (#4) a cut scene will start, and the first two skeletons will pull their levers. When you pull your lever (worth 4500 experience), the machine will finally work, and Thelyron will appear at the locked tomb in the center of the area.

c) When you talk to Thelyron, he'll discover that being undead causes too much pain, and he'll ask you to kill him and all of his servants. However, when you kill Thelyron, a whole bunch of undead creatures will appear, and a major battle will ensue. All you'll have to do at this point is exit the machine (the door will be open again). When you leave the machine, all the undead creatures will die, but you won't get any experience for them. So try to kill as many skeletons as possible before you leave.

d) When you exit the machine, you'll run into Mardaneus, who will create a portal back to the surface of Aleroth. You'll also earn 11,000 experience and 2 reputation points. When you go through the portal, it will disappear.

4 - Resurrection Lever

This is the lever you need to pull.

5 - Celdur

He'll give you a noble dagger. If you refuse the dagger, he'll talk about a two-handed sword, but that doesn't seem to lead anywhere.

6 - Horace

He'll give you 100 gold. If you refuse the offer, he'll talk about finding more gold for you, but nothing seems to come of it.

7 - Stan

He'll give you a healing potion. If you refuse him, he'll drink the potion himself.


A. Stairs back up to level 4.