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Even though it doesn't sound like it, the "enchant weapon" skill (in the Path of the Warrior Gods) is the skill you'll need to learn to put charms into all objects. The "charm" skill is unrelated.

Then, given your skill level with "enchant weapon" and the charm quality of an object, you can put charms into the object up to the minimum of those two values. For example, if your skill level is 3 and the object has a charm quality of 5, you can only put 3 charms into the object. To put more in you'll have to augment your skill.

But note: it only matters what your skill level is with "enchant weapon" when you try to put charms into the object. If you can find and wear an object that gives you a bonus to "enchant weapon," then that's a skill point you can allocate elsewhere.

To put a charm into an object, simply wear the object and left click on it. A menu will pop up showing the available charm slots in the object. Then drag a charm to one of the slots to insert it. Once a charm has been inserted, you won't be able to undo it, so be patient and only use the best charms in the best equipment.

Here are the charm types:

    Uru-vorr -- weak constitution bonus (+2)
    Ser-vorr -- minor constitution bonus (+4)
    Min-vorr -- medium constitution bonus (+6)
    Pag-vorr -- large constitution bonus (+8)
    Yit-vorr -- very large constitution bonus (+10)

    Uru-joph -- weak dexterity bonus (+2)
    Ser-joph -- minor dexterity bonus (+4)
    Min-joph -- medium dexterity bonus (+6)
    Pag-joph -- large dexterity bonus (+8)
    Yit-joph -- very large dexterity bonus (+10)

    Uru-koor -- weak intelligence bonus (+2)
    Ser-koor -- minor intelligence bonus (+4)
    Min-koor -- medium intelligence bonus (+6)
    Pag-koor -- large intelligence bonus (+8)
    Yit-koor -- very large intelligence bonus (+10)

    Uru-ydra -- weak strength bonus (+2)
    Ser-ydra -- minor strength bonus (+4)
    Min-ydra -- medium strength bonus (+6)
    Pag-ydra -- large strength bonus (+8)
    Yit-ydra -- very large strength bonus (+10)

    Uru-iceri -- weak mana bonus (+20)
    Ser-iceri -- minor mana bonus (+40)
    Min-iceri -- medium mana bonus (+60)
    Pag-iceri -- large mana bonus (+80)
    Yit-iceri -- very large mana bonus (+100)

    Uru-umn -- weak vitality bonus (+20)
    Ser-umn -- minor vitality bonus (+40)
    Min-umn -- medium vitality bonus (+60)
    Pag-umn -- large vitality bonus (+80)
    Yit-umn -- very large vitality bonus (+100)

Fire Resistance
    Uru-ook -- weak fire resistance bonus (+5)
    Ser-ook -- minor fire resistance bonus (+10)
    Min-ook -- medium fire resistance bonus (+15)
    Pag-ook -- large fire resistance bonus (+20)
    Yit-ook -- very large fire resistance bonus (+40)

Lightning Resistance
    Uru-zand -- weak lightning resistance bonus (+5)
    Ser-zand -- minor lightning resistance bonus (+10)
    Min-zand -- medium lightning resistance bonus (+15)
    Pag-zand -- large lightning resistance bonus (+20)
    Yit-zand -- very large lightning resistance bonus (+40)

Poison Resistance
    Uru-ustr -- weak poison resistance bonus (+5)
    Ser-ustr -- minor poison resistance bonus (+10)
    Min-ustr -- medium poison resistance bonus (+15)
    Pag-ustr -- large poison resistance bonus (+20)
    Yit-ustr -- very large poison resistance bonus (+40)

Spirit Resistance
    Uru-isos -- weak spirit resistance bonus (+5)
    Ser-isos -- minor spirit resistance bonus (+10)
    Min-isos -- medium spirit resistance bonus (+15)
    Pag-isos -- large spirit resistance bonus (+20)
    Yit-isos -- very large spirit resistance bonus (+40)