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Your reputation is added to the opinion other characters have of you. So the more reputation points you have, the more people will like you, and the better the prices will be when you deal with shopkeepers.

Here are the places where you can earn reputation points:

Western Dukedom
    +1 Healing Simon (Aleroth)
    +1 Healing Verlat (Aleroth)
    +2 Curing Mardaneus (Aleroth)

Northern Dukedom
    +1 Solving Hugh's blight problem (Farms)
    +3 Killing the troll king for Homer (Farms)
    +2 Removing the curse from the abbey (Cursed Abbey)
    +1 Discovering evidence against Dr. Elrath (Rivertown)
    +10 Entering Stormfist Castle
    -15 Leaving Stormfist Castle

Southern Dukedom
    +2 Defeating Burleigh in a bar fight (Dwarven Bread Inn)
    +1 Rescuing Elora from Jake (Pauper's Graveyard)
    +3 Keeping Dorian's secret (Poor Quarter)
    +1 Killing Balin for Jonas (Poor Quarter)
    -1 Turning Jonas in to Balin (Poor Quarter)
    +3 Destroying the orc supply train for Captain Mitox (Ravaged City)
    +5 Poisoning the orc well for Captain Mitox (Ravaged City)
    +2 Rescuing Timmy's parents (Robbery House)
    +3 Declining a gem from Krasnegar (Dwarven Bread Inn)
    -3 Robbing Krasnegar (Dwarven Bread Inn)

    +1 Paying Leptine's debt
    +5 Solving the murders
    -2 Sparing Yarun's life to learn the identity of the duke's murderer
    +5 Killing Cybu (or leading the town watch to him)
    -2 Joining the Thieves' Guild
    +2 Paying Lucius' debt to Sir Patrick

Dark Forest
    +2 Trapping the sword-in-the-stone ghost
    +2 Curing Anthea of Boratus' transformation

Council of Seven
    +5 Defeating the succubus
    +2 Convincing Mardaneus to join the council
    -2 Convincing Kroxy to join the council
    +1 Convincing Goemoe to join the council
    -2 Convincing Antx to join the council
    +2 Convincing Bronthion to join the council
    +2 Convincing Eolus to join the council