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Armor & Weapons
For most objects you'll find in the game, the type of the object and the statistics of the object will both be random. But for some objects, the type of the object will be fixed, and while the statistics will still be random, the quality of the object will be (relatively) fixed. Listed below are most of those objects.

    Amulet of Glory (green): Aleroth Catacombs, level 5
    Nobleman's Amulet (orange): Holy Weapons Chamber (northern dukedom)
    Royal Chain (green): Stormfist Castle Treasure Rooms
    Ruby Amulet (orange): Lady Anastasia's cottage in Stormfist Castle
    Strange Amulet Mardec (yellow): Engineer's chamber in the Cursed Abbey

    Axe of a Hundred Crusades (orange): Wastelands (dropped by an imp)
    Four axes (green): Aleroth Catacombs, level 2
    Random Hand Axe (yellow): Imp's Castle
    Slasher (orange): Aleroth Catacombs, level 2
    Vulcan (yellow): Verdistis sewers

    Belt of the Dragon (orange): Abandoned house in Verdistis

    Boots of the Vampire (yellow): Dark Cave (in locked chest)
    Heavy Leather B (green): Assassins' Guild
    Shoes of the Scorpion (green): Aleroth Catacombs, level 4

    Bow of Hilfin (orange): Elven Village (quest reward from Gavanariel)

Chest Armor
    Breastplate of the Dragon (orange): Verdistis (quest reward from Sir Patrick)
    Breastplate of the Dragonheart (orange): Dwarven Halls (crafted by Grischa)
    Dwarven Plate Armor (orange): Council of Seven Meeting Hall
    Light Plate Armor (orange): Cyrion's Lair in Iona's Dungeon
    Random Light Leather Armor (orange): Imp's Castle

    Crossbow (green): Krasenegar's room in the Dwarven Bread Inn (found after Krasnegar leaves)

    Random Dagger (orange): Ars Magicana in Rivertown
    Small Nobleman's Dagger (orange): Holy Weapons Chamber (northern dukedom)

    Bone Gloves (orange): Dragrin's basement in Verdistis
    Leather Gloves (green): Assassin's Guild
    Snakeskin Gloves (green): Ducal Inn in Verdistis (quest reward from Graham)

    Closed Helmet (orange): Council of Seven Meeting Hall
    Helmet of the Dragon (orange): Dwarven Halls (quest reward from King Dunatrim)
    Random Closed Helmet (yellow): Imp's Castle

    Deathblow (yellow): Lich cave near Rivertown

    Random Plate Leggings (orange): Imp's Castle

    Bat of Striking (green): Aleroth Catacombs, level 5

    Ruby Ring (green): Jeremiah's House (northern part of the dukedom)
    Sapphire Ring (orange): Verdistis (given by Verlat provided you healed him in Aleroth)

    Random Large Shield (yellow): Imp's Castle
    Shield of the Dragon (orange): Stormfist Castle

    Harpoon of Atlantos (yellow): Cemetery (dropped by El Shrimpo)

    Halberd of the Rock (yellow): Main floor of the Cursed Abbey
    Regular Staff (green): Near the dwarven village (in a chest)
    Regular Staff (orange): Council of Seven Meeting Hall

    Bastard Sword (green): Near Stormfist Castle (dropped by rude knight)
    Blade of Chaos (yellow): Cave near the dwarven village
    Brightblade (green): Near Aleroth (dropped by Lord Seth)
    Cutlass of Totu Chabahl (yellow): Thieves' Guild (in a locked chest)
    Nobleman's Sword (orange): Holy Weapons Chamber (northern dukedom)
    Random Claymore (yellow): Lich cave near Rivertown
    Singing Blade (yellow): Rivertown Sewers (dropped by Pedro)
    Sword from the Stone (orange): Stone (Dark Forest)
    Sword of the Gods (orange): Wastelands (in a house)