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Vitality - This is the amount of health you begin with. Should your vitality drop to zero, you will die.

Mana - Mana is the innate energy that powers magic and allows the casting of spells. A lot of spells have a mana cost associated with it, and each time you cast them, your mana reserve will decrease a little bit. When it reaches zero you will not be able to cast any more spells until you recharge with either sleep or a potion.

Strength - Strong characters can use heavier weapons and armor, do more damage when fighting and generally carry more objects in their inventory.

Agility - Agile characters have greater attack accuracy and defense during combat and use weapons and armor requiring high levels of agility.

Intelligence - Intelligence affects how much magical energy you have. As such, this is an important attribute for mages.

Constitution - This determines how generally tough you are. It also affects how much vitality and stamina you begin with.