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Catacombs, Level 4
Catacombs, Level 4

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1 - Funny Skeleton Conversation

"Best not to think about it. I don't want to fall to bits 'cos of excess existential thought." Oops.

2 - Door and Lever

The lever (#2a) unlocks the door (#2).

3 - Portal Stone

The stone will teleport you to the small dungeon under Mardaneus' house in Aleroth.

4 - Pyramid

If you didn't teleport to the second pyramid to pick it up, this is where you'll find it.

5 - Scorpion Tomb

When you open the tomb you'll be attacked by a scorpion, but inside you'll find shoes of the scorpion. The shoes are random, so you might want to save before opening the tomb to ensure that you get a good version.


A. Stairs back up to level 3.
B. Stairs down to level 5.