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1 - Walker the Apothecary's Shop

You can buy potions here, but if you're looking for potions, you're probably better off going back to Aleroth and trading with Mardaneus.

2 - Blake's General Store

Blake sells "rare articles at reasonable prices." He also has the key to Nericon's Garden, and although he makes it sound like he'll give it to you once your reputation is high enough, really he'll give it to you once you've earned an invitation to Stormfist Castle. Blake will charge you 100 gold for the key, but it's worth it. He'll also mention there is "something about the frogs" in the garden.

3 - Lieutenant Robin

If you attempt to turn in Tingalf (#12), you'll receive the "Find the suppliers of Tingalf" quest. You'll be able to complete this quest after going into the sewers and killing Pedro. You'll earn 20,000 experience for turning in Tingalf, but as a result Tingalf will get arrested and disappear from the game. So if you use traps (which Tingalf sells), you might want to skip this quest.

4 - Ars Magicana

Out front you'll meet a minstrel named Melville. If you pay him 10 gold, he'll perform a poem by Alrik Fassbauer, and Kistandalius, the proprietor of the shop, will come running out to listen. This will net you 4500 experience, and it will also give you 20-30 seconds of free time to loot the shop. In the main room you'll find a locked chest with a random magical item in it. The sapphire key that unlocks the chest is lying on the ground right next to it. In the back room you'll find a chest with a high quality dagger in it, and you'll also find a random spellbook.

Ars Magicana will probably be your shop of preference for the rest of the game. Kistandalius always has a good selection, including charms and spellbooks, and his shop is conveniently located right next to a teleporter. So try to keep Kistandalius happy so he gives you good prices.

5 - Teleporter

This is another mage teleporter, so you should be able to use it right away. Also, since the teleporter is conveniently located right next to several shops, you might want to set up a "camp" next to it. If you place one of your pyramids here, along with a bed and a container, then this one location will satisfy all of your sleeping, storage, and shopping needs.

6 - Moll and Marcus

Moll and Marcus are merchants. If you haven't yet found the broken-down fruit cart in the southern part of the dukedom, Marcus will ask you to look for it, and you'll earn 15,000 experience when you find it.

Regardless, once you've found the cart, the cart drivers will tell you that they need a new wheel to continue on their journey, and they'll ask you to get one from Marcus. Marcus will gladly hand one over (since the shipment is for him), but when you get back to the cart you'll find it in flames and the drivers missing.

You'll receive a quest to investigate the matter, so follow the blood splatters to the north along the road and then generally to the east. You should find the bodies of the cart drivers. At that point, go back to Marcus and tell him the bad news. That will gain you 50,000 experience, and Marcus will ask you to look for his wares.

Note: You can ditch the cart wheel at this point.

Back at the bodies, head east to a cave. (If you have trouble finding it, follow the trail of gold.) Once you get deep enough into the cave, Melora and Victorio will show up. They're the ones who burned the cart and butchered the drivers, and they'll attack you once they find you. However, once they're dead, you'll find four keys, and the keys will unlock the four chests behind the locked door. The nearby lever unlocks the door.

The chests will have some random magical objects in them, but the real reason to go in the cave is to pick up the letter on the table. It details what happened to Marcus' wares, and it's signed by somebody named Pedro. So pick up the letter and stick it in your inventory. Then when you return to Marcus you'll earn 15,000 experience, and you'll receive the quest "Tingalf." You can find Tingalf at #12.

Once you've killed Pedro in the sewers and found out what happened to Marcus' wares, you'll receive 15,000 experience, 500 gold and a point in the "identify" skill.

7 - Caroline

After you've spoken with Caroline just outside the city, this is where she'll end up. Her quest to find her lost son is handled in the Overview section.

8 - Dr. Elrath's House

See the section on Dr. Elrath's House for more information.

9 - Rivertown Armoury Shop

10 - Geoff

Geoff is the town weapon dealer. In order to buy anything from him, you'll have to talk to him at his forge, and then follow him to his shop (#11).

11 - Geoff's Hardware

12 - Tingalf

Tingalf is a black market dealer. He sells traps, lockpicks and more.

Once you've received the "Tingalf" quest from Marcus (#6), ask Tingalf how come he always has wares to sell, and he'll admit he has a cache nearby. That will complete the quest, but it won't earn you anything. However, this step seems to be necessary so you can deal with Pedro in the sewers.


A. Grate leading to the sewers.