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Dwarven Halls
Dwarven Halls

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1 - Teleporter

It requires the dwarven activation scroll.

2 - Throne Room

If you try to walk into the throne room, the door guards will force you to deposit all of your equipment. If you'd like to visit the throne room and keep your equipment (so you can, for example, pick the locks of the six chests inside), then simply throw one of your teleporter pyramids beyond the door guards, and then teleport to it.

You should find King Kelp Dunatrim in the throne room, but he won't have much to say to you until you've received the quest to retrieve the Axe of Stone (see the Dwarven Village section, #5). Then, after you've checked out the Dwarven Mines and uncovered the plot to steal the axe, the king will thank you for your help, and, as a reward, he'll tell you about the dragon armor. In particular, he'll tell you that he has the helmet, and that he'll give it to you once you've found the breastplate and the Heart of the Dragon. For more information on dragon armor, see the Dragon Armor entry in the Other Quests section. Dunatrim will also give you a dwarven activation scroll, which you probably picked up long ago.

3 - Penthalos' House

Penthalos is a priest and a potion merchant. If you've discovered Boratus' house in the Dark Forest, then you should have received a quest to cure the "animals" inside. You can get the cure from Penthalos. He'll tell you that he has some holy water that can do the trick, but you'll have to find a holy grail to transport it in. You can find the grail in one of the caves in the Dark Forest. Once you've given the grail to Penthalos, he'll fetch the water for you and give you a filled holy grail. For all this you'll earn (in total) 198,500 experience.

4 - Cell

You'll have to pick the lock to open the cell, but inside you'll find a treasure map. See the Treasure Maps entry in the Other Quests section for details.

5 - Grischa's Forge

Grischa is involved in the Dragon Armor quest. See that section for details.

6 - Strobur's House

Strobur will tell you that he has a brother named Rimmer in the Dwarven Village, and he'll ask you to look him up and send him his best wishes. When you do, you'll receive 11,000 experience and five bottles of ale.

7 - Elmer's House

Elmer Vignus is the dwarven jeweler. If you've received the quest from Randell in Verdistis to pick up a brooch, then Elmer will hand it right over.


A. Exit to the Dark Forest.
B. Exit to the Dwarven Mines, Level 1.