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Catacombs, Level 1
Catacombs, Level 1

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1 - Book

The book was written by Mardaneus and, among other things, warns you to "turn back while you can." But you're not going to do that, are you?

2 - Door and Lever

The lever (#2a) unlocks the door (#2).

3 - Door and Lever.

The lever (#3a) unlocks the door (#3).

4 - Manuscript

The manuscript tells a funny story to set up who Thelyron Hashnitor is.

5 - Magic Orb

You'll need to pick up all three of them.

6 - Door and Sapphire Key

The sapphire key (#6a) unlocks the door (#6).

7 - Door and Lever

The lever (#7a) unlocks the door (#7).

8 - Smiruk the Orc

If you don't challenge him to a fight, Smiruk will ask you to find a magical axe called Slasher. You can find it on the next level down, but it has an identify level of 4. If you don't identify it before giving it to Smiruk, then the only way you can give it to him is to give him all of your axes. So if you're not going to identify Slasher, be sure to drop whatever other axes you're carrying, even if you've identified them first. When you give Slasher to Smiruk, you'll gain 3500 experience.

If you decide to fight Smiruk, you'll have to do it the first time you meet him. Otherwise you won't be able to attack him outright and you won't get a dialogue option to attack him, either. For that case, you'll have to hug the corner so Smiruk doesn't initiate a conversation, and then come back to him once you've gained a few levels (you might be able to kill him around level 10). Smiruk hits pretty hard, so you'll probably have to use a bunch of potions to kill him. But if you can, you'll earn about 15,000 experience, and you'll get to keep Slasher.

9 - Sylvena's Statue

Behind the statue you should find a book detailing how a man named Gregar Brock was hired as a bodyguard for Sylvena, how he fled from battle and let her be robbed and killed, and how she cursed him for it. If you click on the candle in front of the statue, Gregar will appear (in zombie form) to try and redeem himself as your bodyguard.

Gregar will stay with you as long as you're in the catacombs, but you won't get any experience for anything he kills, and he'll attack the orcs (at #8 and elsewhere). So you might want to skip him, or at least save him for when you're ready to try the final battle at the lowest level of the catacombs.

10 - Pentagrams

You'll find three pentagrams here. Next to them you should also find a manuscript. If you read the manuscript you'll discover you need to put the three magic orbs (#5) in each of the three pentagrams to open up a portal to the secret chamber (the room with exits C and D). To do that, just drag each orb from your inventory to the center of each of the three pentagrams (the orbs will be in the "spells and scrolls" part of your inventory). If you place the orb correctly, it should start levitating. Once the portal appears and you use it to enter the secret chamber, the locked door (#11) will unlock, giving you easier access.

11 - Locked Door


A. Stairs back up to Aleroth.
B. Ladder up to an orc camp. It's probably best to avoid this ladder until you've gained a few levels.
C. Stairs down to level 2.
D. Stairs up to the graveyard in Aleroth.