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Nericon's Garden
Nericon's Garden

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1 - Front Gate

You can get the key to the front gate from Blake in Rivertown. He'll give it to you once you've earned an invitation to Stormfist Castle.

2 - Frogs

You'll find four frogs swimming in the waters at the center of the garden. You'll need to kill them to make the portal (#2) appear, so you'll need to have some sort of ranged weapon or offensive spell.

3 - Portal

Once it appears, the portal will lead to Nemris' treasure area. The treasure room itself is locked, but if you move some nearby packages out of the way you'll reveal the lever that opens it. Inside the treasure room you'll find chests containing about 6000 gold, plus a frog statuette.

4 - Statue

Nemris' statue will only talk to you if you have a book of his teachings. You can get such a book from the disciples south of the garden. Then the statue will give you a test based on the book. Here are the answers:

1. Experience.
2. Truth and Untruth.
3. Good, Neutrality and Evil.

For answering the statue's questions correctly you'll receive 7500 experience and a point in "restoration."