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Meeting Hall
Meeting Hall

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1 - Starting Point

When you arrive in the area, Zandalor will explain a little about the Council of Seven, but then a succubus will attack and lock Zandalor into a magical cage.

2 - Teleporter

You won't be able to use it until you've defeated the succubus (#7).

3 - Healing Shrine

4 - Chest

It contains dwarven plate armor.

5 - Mana Shrine

6 - Chest

It contains a closed helmet.

7 - Succubus / Gathering Bell

This is where you'll find the succubus. She's level 29, but she shouldn't be too difficult to kill. Once you've defeated her, you'll gain 5 reputation points, the doors to the north, east and west will all open, and the teleporter to the south (#2) will start working.

Then once you've gathered the new Council of Seven, you can ring the bell to start the ritual that will convert you from a Marked One into the Divine One. The ritual won't go well for the new council, but you'll be transformed as planned, and you'll find yourself in the Wastelands once the cut scenes and the movies are done. "Understood! In religion, blessing and killing the same thing. All those years Kroxy think he warrior, turns out he is priest!"

Note: It's a one-way trip to the Wastelands. Once you go there, you won't be able to complete any open quests in your quest log, so be sure to finish up any quests you're interested in before continuing on. Also, be sure to take both of your teleporter pyramids with you.

8 - ZixZax

He's the imp who stole your teleporter pyramids. When you talk to him, he'll give them back. He can also give you some background information about your situation. "Tweetle notting!"

9 - Chest

Inside you'll find a regular staff.

10 - Statue Room

In the room you'll find seven statues, one for each race. In front of each statue is a scrying ball. When you drag a ball to its associated statue, you'll see an image of the race's council member (or at least you should; this has never really worked for us). Plus, Zandalor will make a few comments.

Here's where you can find each of the seven council members:

Dwarf: Neither you nor Zandalor will recognize the dwarf, and Zandalor will suggest you try again later. Eventually, after you've added a few members to the council, and once you've tried scrying again, Zandalor will see that the dwarf council member is in the Dwarven Village. When you go to the village you should find a dwarf named Eolus Thunderstorm next to the decorative plinth, and he'll ask you to find an axe that was recently stolen by elves. Recovering the axe is an involved process, and it's covered in the Dwarven Village section. But once you've recovered the axe and uncovered the conspiracy behind its theft, Eolus will join the council, and you'll receive 150,000 experience and 2 reputation points.

Elf: You'll recognize the elf as Bronthion, the ambassador you saw at Stormfist Castle. You'll find him in the Elven Village in the Dark Forest. He'll ask you to retrieve three ceremonial objects recently stolen by some marauding dwarves. When you get the objects and discover it was orcs and not dwarves who did the deed, Bronthion will agree to join the council, and you'll gain 143,000 experience and 2 points of reputation.

Human: You'll recognize the human as Mardaneus. However, when you reach Aleroth, you'll find that the place is overrun by orcs. See the Aleroth Revisited section for details. Once you've rescued Mardaneus and convinced him to join the council, you'll earn 136,000 experience and gain 2 reputation points.

Mage: You'll recognize the mage as Zandalor. Since Zandalor is already in the meeting hall, you'll complete this quest right away and earn 63,000 experience.

Lizard: Zandalor will recognize the lizard as Goemoe, last seen in the Blue Boar Inn. However, when you get to the inn you'll discover that Goemoe has recently left without telling anybody where he was going. So head back to the statue room to scry on Goemoe again. You'll witness him being captured and polymorphed into a snake by a wizard, and Zandalor will recognize the area as Verdistis. Furthermore, he'll suggest you talk to Trevor in the Verdistis Merchant's Guild to discover where Goemoe might be. Trevor will admit to recently renting a house to a wizard, and he'll mark the location of the house on your map. At the house you'll find some thugs to kill, and, in the basement, you'll find the wizard Cornelius. He'll freeze you but Zandalor will save you. To rescue Goemoe, pick up the composite key in the first room of the basement and the polymorph wand in the room to the south. Then unlock the room where Goemoe is and talk to him. You'll turn him back into a lizard (through dialogue) and he'll agree to join the council. In all you'll receive 236,000 experience and 1 reputation point as a reward.

Orc: You'll see that the orc council member is in a prison, and Zandalor will suggest that the prison is in the Main Orc Camp southeast of the Ravaged Village. Zandalor is right, so just go to the orc camp and check the four prison pits there. You should find Kroxy in the southwestern one. When you talk to him he'll agree to join the council, and you'll receive 143,000 experience but lose 2 reputation points.

Imp: You won't recognize the imp, but you'll recognize where he's staying: the Ducal Inn in Verdistis. When you go to the Ducal Inn, you'll find the imp Zaknadrix in one of the rooms on the eastern side. However, he's not the council member. He'll tell you that the imp you want, Antx, is hiding in a sphere of magic. When you touch the sphere (through dialogue) you'll enter the sphere yourself, and you'll find Antx in a house there. He'll readily agree to join the council, and you'll earn 130,000 experience but lose 2 reputation points for your efforts.