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Josephina's Fortress
Josephina's Fortress

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Area Note

This fortress, like the other fortresses, is essentially a maze. The route to take is indicated by the white line on the map.

1 - Josephina

When you get close enough to her, Josephina will taunt you and then charge. So back up away from her so you'll only have to face her and not any of the nearby deathknights or gargoyles.

Josephina almost always starts off by casting a shielding spell, then summoning a dreadknight, and then blinding. Furthermore, it looks like she usually blinds the enemy closest to her. So that gives you some opportunities. While she's casting her first couple spells, you can charge at her, and, if you have "freeze" on your weapon, you might be able to kill her with barely a struggle. If you summon a helper and let the helper get blinded, then you should have even more time to attack her before possibly getting blinded yourself. Finally, if you do get blinded, Josephina's shield will always show where she is, and so you should be able to hit her with "hell spikes" even if you can't see her.

Once Josephina dies you'll earn 212,500 experience, and a portal will appear in her room. The portal leads to the main part of the dungeon. "You think you've defeated us? Aahh! Don't you know what we've achieved for our Dark Lord? Ahhhhh..."