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Stormfist Castle Treasure Rooms
Stormfist Castle Treasure Rooms

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Area Note

You can access the first part of this area at any time via the Rivertown Sewers, but there isn't much reason to do so until after you've visited and gotten kicked out of Stormfist Castle, and need a way to get back in. At that point, once you've entered the area, you'll see a cut scene where someone named Moriendor gleefully tells a minion that you've walked into a trap. Then you'll find that the door you came in through is now blocked.

1 - Royal Chain

It's a pretty good amulet, and you'll find it just sitting on a table.

2 - Orcs

You'll find several orcs here that you'll have to kill.

3 - Zandalor

When you reach Zandalor, he'll tell you that he and a Marked One came in search of the Sword of Lies, but that the Marked One was killed by a death knight. He'll then ask you to check on the sword, and he'll tell you the password to access it: "Avas Enrod." The treasure chamber you'll need to investigate is at #5.

When you return from the treasure chamber, Zandalor will surmise that Janus must have picked up the Sword of Lies, and that it is the sword that is responsible for the way he's been acting. Then he'll teleport you to the Dwarven Bread Inn just in time to see the other remaining Marked One get killed.

Since you're the last Marked One remaining, Zandalor will decide that it is time to perform the ceremony to make you the Divine One, and he'll teleport you to the Council of Seven Meeting Chamber. See that section for more details.

4 - Magic Door

When you approach the door, it will ask you for the magic word. You can get the word from Zandalor (#3). If you answer incorrectly, just back away from the door and then approach it again to try another answer. You'll get 46,000 experience when you give the right answer.

5 - Treasure Room

You won't find the Sword of Lies here. Instead, along with a lot of random treasure, you'll find a toy horse. You should pick it up.


A. Exit to the Rivertown sewers. It might be blocked with a forcefield depending on where you are in the game.