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Stormfist Castle
Stormfist Castle

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Area Note

Your entrance into the castle is heavily scripted. First you'll run into ZixZax the Almost-Wise, and you'll have to give him your teleporter pyramids. (Don't worry; you'll eventually get them back.) Then you'll meet Theus, who will escort you to the throne room. Finally, you'll be introduced to Duke Janus and his advisor Elona, and you'll discover that you're to be the duke's Lord Protector for the next 40 years. Lucky you. But at the end of the conversation you'll receive 38,000 experience and 10 points to your reputation.

1 - Throne Room

This is where you'll start out in the castle.

2 - Treasure Room

The door to the treasure room is locked, and you won't be able to pick it open (since lockpicking is disabled inside the castle), so this room seems to be just for show.

3 - Janus' Room

Duke Janus will give you four quests:

a) Find Ernie the cat. You'll find Ernie at #5, but since he won't want to come with you, you won't receive a reward when you return to Janus.

b) Deliver an "epistle" to Lela. You'll find Lela in her bedroom (#4). When you deliver the note to her you'll receive 25,000 experience. (You can also read the note if you want, before you deliver it.) When you return to Janus, once again you'll only receive a new task as a reward.

c) Pick flowers for Lela. You'll find the flowers outside the castle at #10. Once again you're receive 25,000 for completing the task, and once again Janus (now in the throne room) will give you another important job.

d) Find Lela's teddy bear Uncle Samakayne. (As soon as you get the quest, you'll witness elven ambassador Bronthion getting insulted by Duke Janus and then leaving in a huff.) You'll find the teddy bear right outside Janus' bedroom. Delivering it will net you 25,000 experience again, but once you leave Lela's room you'll meet up with Theus who will tell you that you're needed in the throne room.

Once you go into the throne room, a long scripted sequence will ensue, the result of which will see you back outside the castle with 15 fewer reputation points. Almost immediately after that Elona / Iona will show up and teleport you into her dungeon. So be sure to complete everything you want to do in the castle before heading into the throne room.

4 - Lela's Room

5 - Ernie / Arhu

After you've received the quest to find Ernie the cat from Duke Janus (see #3), this is where you'll find him. But "Ernie" will turn out to be Zandalor's friend Arhu, and Arhu will ask you to look for Zandalor, who was last seen heading for the castle's cellars in search of a possible Marked One. For this encounter you'll receive 25,000 experience.

6 - Kitchen

If you want, you can help out the cook by washing some dishes. First grab the "bucket with water" on the southern side of the table and drag it onto the "empty bowl" on the northern side. That should create a "bowl" with water visible inside. Then just drag the big pile of "dirty dishes" onto the "bowl" repeatedly until there isn't anything left to wash. Finally, drag all of the clean dishes into your inventory. If you've done everything correctly, then when you talk to the cook next, you should receive 20,000 experience and a mystery spice that can turn you invisible.

7 - Cellar Entrace

You won't be allowed into the cellar.

8 - Storage Room

The door starts out locked, but you can find the bronze key to open it in the room to the north. Inside, among other things, you'll find the shield of the dragon.

9 - Front Gate

The guards won't let you exit the castle. But, since you won't be able to sell anything inside the castle, or for a little while after your castle experience is over, you might want to drag some of your loot through the gate so you can get to it later.

10 - Flowers

These are the flowers you'll need to pick for Lela.

11 - Lady Anastasia's Cottage

Lady Anastasia is Duke Janus' mother. If you talk to her she'll bend your ear about how Janus' newfound power has corrupted him, and how she's been exiled to her cottage. Also, inside the cottage, you'll find a ruby amulet inside one of the cupboards.

12 - Walt's Cottage

Walt was the previous duke's bodyguard, but he's now been forced into retirement.

13 - Theus' Cottage

14 - Bronthion

Bronthion is the elven ambassador. If you haven't been to the elven village in the Dark Forest yet, then you'll learn from Bronthion that dwarves have desecrated the elven burial grounds, and that the elves now want to go to war. Bronthion is visiting the castle to ask Duke Janus to approve of such a war.

15 - Larder

16 - Barracks