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Catacombs, Level 2
Catacombs, Level 2

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1 - Magic Axe

You can pick up a few magic axes on this level, but none of them is the Slasher axe Smiruk wants. You can find Slasher under the floor tile at #4.

2 - Door and Lever

The lever (#2a) unlocks the door (#2).

3 - Skeletal Conjurer

He's probably going to be tough to kill the first time you see him. Your best bet is to kill the regular skeletons around him and then run away. He'll follow, and then you can attack him by himself, quaffing potions as necessary. If you can't kill him, you might want to wander around the forests surrounding Aleroth and kill orcs for a while.

4 - Floor Tile

The floor tile leads to a small, three-room dungeon. You'll have to face a lot of skeletons in the dungeon, including a skeletal guardian, so be prepared. In the third room you can find the Slasher axe. It has an identify level of 4, but you don't need to identify it before giving it back to Smiruk (catacomb level 1, #8).

5 - Skeletal Guardian

He's big and he hits hard. Try to kill the regular skeletons around him, and then concentrate on him. As with the conjurer (#3), if you can't kill the "bosses" on this level, you might want to kill orcs for a while and try to improve your level and equipment.


A. Ladder back up to level 1.
B. Stairs down to level 3.