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Rivertown Sewers
Rivertown Sewers

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1 - Pedro

Pedro is involved in the black market. If you've been doing quests for Marcus, then you might have seen Pedro's name before. It was on the letter in the cave where the bandits who butchered the cart drivers stored their loot.

When you get close enough to Pedro, you'll start a conversation with him. If Pedro is "frozen" and you can't talk to him, that usually means you need to complete the "Tingalf" quest that Marcus gives you after you find out about his cart.

No matter what you say to Pedro, you'll have to fight him. Once he dies, he'll drop a high quality (two-handed) sword called the singing blade, plus a note. Pick up the note for confirmation about how Pedro and Tingalf have been acquiring their goods. The note will let you complete quests from Lieutenant Robin and Marcus (both in Rivertown).

2 - Loot

You'll find 12 chests and a key (among other things). The key unlocks one of the chests. For the other locked chests you'll have to pick the locks.

3 - Spellbook of "Summon Skeleton"

4 - Spellbook of "Restoration"

The spellbook is sitting just out of reach. The only way to get it is to use the "telekinesis" spell.

5 - Sewer Well

It's a container, and you might find some useful items inside.

6 - Spellbook of "Spellshield"

7 - One-way Sewer Pipe

The sewer pipe (#7) takes you back near the beginning of the sewers (#7a).

8 - Treasure Rooms

You'll find gold, potions, gems and chests in each one.


A. Ladder back up to Rivertown.
B. Stairs to the Stormfist Castle treasure rooms.
C. Stairs to the Stormfist Castle prison.
D. Sewer pipe to the Verdistis sewers.
E. Ladder to Lain's basement in the Poor Quarter.