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1 - Homer

If you talk to him he'll give you the "deal with the trolls" quest. For that you'll have to go back to the western part of the dukedom and kill the troll king in his cave. The troll king is difficult to kill, so this is a quest where you should gain a few levels before attempting it. Once you kill the king and return to Homer you'll receive 25,000 experience, 100 gold, and 3 reputation points.

2 - Isolde

My, what big... milk cans... you have. Anyway, if you talk to Isolde she'll ask you to deliver a note to her lover Gareth at the barracks. You'll receive 11,000 experience when you do it.

After you help Gareth escape from the army, you'll find him standing next to Isolde, and they'll both sound very happy. "In a hundred year's time, this valley will be dotted with our great-grandchildren."

3 - Homer's House

Inside you'll find Homer's wife, Trisha, who used to live in Rivertown. She'll just tell you about farm life and give you some background information. "Life on a farm is very healthy, my friend."

4 - Teleporter

The teleporter is somewhat hidden by bundles of straw, so just drag them out of the way to see it better. You'll need the scroll of the human race to activate the teleporter. You'll get that from Captain Mitox in the Ravaged Village.

If you haven't created a hay bed yet, this is a good place to try it out. Just place bundled and unbundled straw in your inventory, and then drag one onto the other. You'll form hay, which you can sleep on. Hay doesn't weigh anything, so you can leave it in your inventory to use as a bed any time you want (as long as you don't mind how much room it takes), or you can put it on the ground wherever you want to sleep. Just note that you won't be able to pick up the hay once you put it down.

5 - Reginald and Tom

Reginald will tell you how trolls killed his son, the only family he had left after the death of his wife. You can find the graves for the son and the wife a little to the east, and they're far enough away from Reginald and Tom that you can loot them without repercussions. Once you've killed the troll king (in the western part of the dukedom) you can return to Reginald to tell him the good news, but you won't get anything out of it. "Th-thank you, my friend! I feel somehow... relieved!"

Tom will tell you that somebody with "human-sized boots" (that is, not a troll) has been stealing his cows lately, and he'll ask you to look into it. You'll find the culprit, Dorian, in the poor quarter, but you'll discover Dorian was stealing cows to feed the poor. If you keep Dorian's secret, you'll gain 15,000 experience and 3 reputation points. If you turn in Dorian to Tom, you'll gain 20,000 experience. The dialogue will also indicate that Tom gives you a "bag of coins," but he doesn't.

6 - Barn

You'll find a knight named Richard, who is a little less than lion-hearted, inside. He'll tell you that when he suspected the old duke had been murdered, the duke's son Janus sent an assassin to kill him, and he's been running ever since. You'll find the assassin at #7.

The assassin, named Crawler, is level 17, but he's not very hard to kill, which is a good thing because no matter what you say to him he'll attack. When you kill him and return to Richard you'll receive 13,000 experience. "My chances for the next week or so have improved a lot thanks to you!"

7 - Crawler the Assassin

Crawler is hunting for Richard at #6. There doesn't seem to be any way to be evil here and give Richard up.

8 - Finn

If you talk to Finn he'll tell you about the cursed abbey to the north. The conversation will also trigger the "remove the curse" quest. After you've removed the curse, you can return to Finn and receive 200 gold as a reward. (You'll receive a much more substantial reward when you actually remove the curse. See the Cursed Abbey section for details.)

9 - Hugh and Elli's House

Hugh will tell you that some sort of green blight has been ruining his harvest, and he'll ask you to look into it. You'll find the cause of the problem in a cave in the southern half of the dukedom. The cave is filled with poison barrels, and it's the poison that is infecting Hugh's crops. Once you've killed the orc named Tipsix guarding the poison barrels, pick up the golden key he drops and then talk to Hugh again. This will net you 9000 experience and a reputation point, and Hugh will ask you to keep investigating and try to figure out what the key unlocks. "I've got the feeling that a black conspiracy is behind all this."

Elli will tell you a little more about Hugh's background as a "tailor" in Verdistis. "A real woman needs no assassins to hold onto a good man."