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Verdistis Sewers
Verdistis Sewers

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1 - Vulcan

You'll find the two-handed axe Vulcan in a chest here.

2 - Sewer Well

You'll find 10,000 gold inside.

3 - Teleporter

It requires the lizard activation scroll.

4 - Closed Treasure Room

There isn't any way to walk into the treasure room, but you can cheat. Just drag one of your teleporter pyramids into the room, and then teleport yourself inside. However, you probably won't find much in the chests inside, and opening one of the chests can permanently turn you into a frog.

5 - Dead Body

You'll find a treasure map on the body. See the Treasure Maps entry in the Other Quests section for details.

6 - Trapped Chest

Opening the chest can permanently change you into a frog.


A. Ladder back up to Verdistis.
B. Stairs leading to the Assassin's Guild.
C. Pipe to the Rivertown sewers.
D. Stairs leading to the Thieves' Guild.