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Cursed Abbey
Cursed Abbey

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1 - Entrance

When you step here you'll receive the quest "The cursed abbey." This is in addition to the quest "Remove the curse" that you might have gotten from Finn in the Farms area.

2 - Teleporter

It requires the human activation scroll.

3 - Halberd of the Rock

It's a high quality staff, but it'll drain your stamina if you have it equipped or in your inventory. So unless you like walking everywhere it's best to sell the halberd immediately or leave it where it is.

4 - Room

This room contains the key to unlock the room at #5.

5 - Room

This room is locked, but you can find the key to it at #4. The cupboard in the room is also locked, but you'll have to pick its lock to open it.

6 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#6a) unlocks the door (#6).

7 - Locked Door and Lever

The lever (#7a) unlocks the door (#7).

8 - Human Activation Scroll

If you didn't get one from Captain Mitox in the Ravaged Village, you can find an alternate here.

9 - Engineer

When you get close enough to the Engineer, he'll talk to you and tell you how the abbey came to be cursed. If you pay him 1000 gold, then he'll leave (and lift the curse) and you'll receive 84,000 experience and 2 reputation points in total. If you decide not to pay, then you'll have to fight the engineer and the whole slew of undead creatures that he'll summon. If you can win the battle (which is no easy feat if the Engineer starts hitting you with hellspikes), then you'll earn around 150,000 experience and 2 reputation points, plus receive whatever loot the Engineer drops when he dies.

10 - Strange Amulet Mardec

It's just sitting on the floor next to the bookcase.

11 - Book

The book describes the holy weapons (covered in the Holy Weapons entry of the Other Quests section), and reading it will trigger the "Finding the holy weapons" quest.


A. Stairs between the main level and the lower level.